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  1. Air Handlers Vs. Furnaces: Everything You Need To Know

    Air Handlers Vs. Furnaces: Everything You Need To Know

    In all the jargon surrounding installing HVAC systems in your facility, it’s easy to get mixed up on which devices do what. This is true, particularly when differentiating between furnaces and air handlers, as they both are used to heat and cool a facility. Both are used in HVAC systems, and they even look similar while delivering certain similar functions. However, each has its own very particular mechanics and purposes, which can easily cause confusion between the two. This article will explain the functions, similarities, and differences between these two crucial HVAC components. We hope this will help you understand what device you need for your facility.

    What A Furnace Does

    Furnace is a vital piece of HVAC equipment that produces heat to keep a facility warm and toasty during the cold months. I

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  2. Wall Mounted Vs. Ceiling Mounted Air Handlers

    Wall Mounted Vs. Ceiling Mounted Air Handlers

    An air handler is a great investment for commercial facilities to keep the indoor environment comfortable and ensure uniform temperature throughout. Normally, two types of Air Handlers are used; Wall-Mounted and Ceiling-Mounted. In this article, we will talk about what an Air Handler is, its components, and which one you should pick between Wall and Ceiling Mounted Air Handler units.

    What Is An Air Handler?

    An air handler unit, often abbreviated to AHU, is one of the main components of your HVAC system. To put it simply, it is more like the "lungs" of any HVAC system, used to regulate and circulate air, usually through the ductwork ventilation system. It ensures that your system is energy efficient and creates higher-quality air. The air handler itself is an indoor component that works as a partner with the outdoor component. This large metal box is usually installed on the roof of buildings and contains heating or cooling elements, a blower, filter racks, dampers, and

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  3. Refrigerator Features to Look Out For in 2022

    Refrigerator Features to Look Out For in 2022

    Are you looking for a new refrigerator for your rental space or office but not sure what factors to consider when making this purchase? It can be daunting to parse through a sea of impressive-sounding fridge features to narrow down your selection. To help you with your selection process, we have highlighted a few features in this article you should be looking for in your new refrigerator:

    1 - Door Configurations

    Unlike old times, there are several door configurations for fridges available in the market today, such as;

    a) French Door

    French door refrigerators have one continuous refrigerator space on top accessed by two doors, with a freezer drawer below. This newer configuration offers a pantry-style layout with unpartitioned space. They are more energy-efficient than other configurations with just one Door since less cold air escapes the appliance when opened.

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  4. Best Mini Split AC Unit For 500 Square Feet

    Best Mini Split AC Unit For 500 Square Feet

    As we enter the month of June, the scorching heat is beginning to take a toll on our bodies. In a country like the US, where we have our daily median temperatures on a steady rise, investing in a quality air conditioner is a necessity! However, like any other appliance, the market is flooded with several options to choose from. If you are a facility owner looking for the best Mini Split AC Unit For 500 Square Feet of space and have no prior experience, selecting the right air conditioner can prove to be a tedious task. In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know to select the best mini-split unit for your facility to enjoy the best cooling while keeping the energy bills low.

    Why choosing the right size is important

    Mini-split air conditioners are efficient and scalable solutions to cool and/or heat specific rooms. In fact, as compared to full ducted systems, they’re easier to install and more efficient. However, choosing the right size of the unit plays a

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  5. Choosing a Dishwasher: 101

    Choosing a Dishwasher: 101

    Considering the fast-paced life we are living today, providing a dishwasher to your tenants has become a modern life necessity. If you are looking to invest in one, you must have found that the Dishwasher market is riddled with different brands, models, and styles, many of them looking the same but offering widely varying price points.

    All these variables can make your buying process difficult. To cater to this, here is a comprehensive guide to help you through the process and avoid any stress or confusion. Here are some key factors that you need to consider before you buy a new dishwasher:

    1) Cleaning Performance

    Regardless of how stylish, durable, and equipped a dishwasher is, it all comes down to how effectively it washes your dishes. Since it is a long-term investment, you should look for machines that provide extra features that boost the cleaning power, such as a concentrated wash sprayer for sports bottles or power-spraying cycles for a more dependable and

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  6. Over the Range Microwave or Countertop Microwave

    Over the Range Microwave or Countertop Microwave

    With different configuration settings, features, and price points on the market, choosing between an over-the-range microwave and countertop microwave for your kitchen can be a daunting task. In this article, we have made a complete guide to help you learn more about these two types of microwave ovens and decide which one would be the best fit for your kitchen's layout, budget, and cooking routine.

    What Is A Countertop Microwave?

    Countertop microwaves are freestanding units usually placed directly on the kitchen counter. Here are some of the reasons why they could be a good investment for your kitchen:

    • No venting hookups or special installation is required.
    • They are simple to set up and operationalize.
    • Offer flexibility as they are easy to relocate when needed.
    • Most models are ADA compliant.
    • Most countertop microwave models tend to enter the market at a lower price point than other microwave types.
    • Available
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  7. Gas Vs Electric Range: Which One is Better for Commercial Kitchens?

    Gas Vs Electric Range: Which One is Better for Commercial Kitchens?

    If you are from the foodservice industry and looking to invest in commercial kitchen equipment, you have likely been a part of the gas versus electric range debate. While many believe gas-operated equipment is the winner, electric equipment has some die-hard adherents too. Since this would be one of the largest investments you would be making for your business, you must do your research beforehand. To start with, let's understand the differences between gas and electric ranges and then decide which one would be the best choice for your business.

    Key Difference Between Gas and Electric Range

    The major difference between a gas range and an electric range lies in how they are powered. Electric ranges are powered through a special electrical outlet with a high energy supply. Whereas gas ranges are connected to a natural gas line or propane hookup. Gas ranges are generally more expensive than their electric counterparts. However, the operational

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  8. Tips to Prepare your Commercial Facility for Power Outages

    Tips to Prepare your Commercial Facility for Power Outages

    Managing a commercial facility is not easy, especially when faced with unplanned challenges and problems. This is why planning for unforeseen emergencies is important to ensure the best indoor experience for your customers and employees, avoid needless expenses, and stay safe. One of the most common emergencies to be ready for is power outages. Yes, you read that right. In our modern world, electricity is easily available and since it is invisible, people take it for granted. Electricity has become such an integral part of everyday life that we do not think much about it — until it becomes unavailable. A sudden loss of electricity, also known as a power outage, can negatively affect everything from working to cooking to seeing at night. However, due to an increase in demands on the electric grid and a rise in severe weather events, power outages are on the rise in the United States. The electricity in commercial facilities is also often knocked out due to storms, accidents, or due to t

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  9. What Makes Proservices Supply the Leading Facility Maintenance Company in the US

    What Makes Proservices Supply the Leading Facility Maintenance Company in the US

    Facility management market in the US is all set to cross the mammoth figure of $465 Billion by 2024. Hundreds of facility maintenance companies operating in the country make facility management one of the most competitive industries in the US. To become a leading facility maintenance company in such a cut-throat market entails developing a sustainable competitive advantage and keeping a customer-oriented approach.

    Considering what is mentioned above, ProServices supply entered the facility management industry with a focus to serve B2B customers with top-quality facility maintenance products and expert technical support.

    Let us walk you through the Unique Selling Points which make ProServices Supply stand apart from others to be the leading facility

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